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My name is Fr. Charles Becker, a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago. I was ordained in 1986 and experienced a conversion to a deeper appreciation of the Catholic Faith in 1989-1990 through Medjugorje! My introduction to the Marian Movement of Priests began immediately following my first trips to Medjugorje due to my openness to the laity's influence and their experience of supernatural and mystical happenings. These prayer groups or “Cenacles” of the MMP restored my vocation to the priesthood through the rosary, the messages Our Lady gives to priests and all of us in Her Movement, and finally and most importantly my Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart in October 1990! The difference is phenomenal and I am so grateful!

Please find on this website a variety of topics that have to do with Our Lady's Work of gathering all of us, her children, into Her Immaculate Heart. Topics include; Medjugorje, Marian Movement of Priests, Apostolate of Holy Motherhood, Fatima, Montichiari, Garabandal, Rawanda, Akita, and other approved and unapproved apparitions of Our Blessed Mother. Also you will find information about Prayer Groups (Cenacles), Healing Services, Deliverance Ministry, House Blessings and various Blessings from the Old Ritual (Roman Ritual)! There is also information on various Apostolates that I have been involved with over the years such as, Community Cenacolo, Calix Society and Courage. I have also had the opportunity to develop some Radio Programs with www.RadioMaria.us, where you can “listen live” every week Wednesday at 5pm or listen to past programs by clicking on the “Radio Show” button on your left. There are also some EWTN Homilies and other recordings that are posted on this site. Please visit www.medjugorjechicago.org for trips to Medjugorje that I participate in and are coordinated by the Zovko Family and Joanne Ranallo.

Three Movements of Our Lady that I feel called to encourage the most are:

1. Medjugorje
2. The Marian Movement of Priests (MMP)
3. The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood

These 3 Movements of Our Lady refer to each other in Her messages ie, MMP message #357m, “...certain great events will take place, concerning what I predicted at Fatima and have told, under secrecy, to the children to whom I am appearing at Medjugorje.” and in the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood, p. 50, “I want all of my priests, that is the ones dedicated to me, particularly in the M____ movement of priests,...”.

Let the Blessed Mother lead you closer to Her Son Jesus!

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